The Seymour Arms has been a mainstay on Greenbank for a long time despite going through recent changes of hands. It has a pool table and darts board, as well as sports on the TV. Its latest change was the introduction of a sausage and mash menu and redecoration, although further changes are planned at the moment. 




I was one of South West Gas apprentices in 1976 -1978 who stayed in 'digs' in Beaumont Road and Egerton Road. There were about 20 apprentices from around the SW attending Plymouth College and after getting paid on a Thursday made for the Seymour Arms for a pint of original mild at 26p a pint! I dread to think what was in it but it was good. Remember it well. Also regulars at the Woodside and the Trafalgar Arms.



I was asked whether I was gay the first time I went to the Fawn. However, this was never been an issue again once I 'declared' that I was.  This is perhaps best exemplified by a story in the Seymour Arms.

We were there to play a darts game against of the Seymour team and my scores were... rather average. One of the guys on my team kept teasing me about my darts and we bantered back and forth. He eventually said: 'If you win this game, I'll take you out on a date'. I quickly replied: 'I'd rather take your daughter out if I win'. Not wanting to back down at this point, he exclaimed something to the effect of 'Deal!'. I lost the game but he promised me her number.

Amazingly, the daughter agreed to a date and we did indeed meet once. Although the story generated a lot of interest in the Fawn, it wasn't to be and there was no second date.