The Plymouth Social Club stood on Tavistock Place and in March 2017 to make way for the new development of the Plymouth City Museum, The Box. It was a member's club with a large upstairs lounge, a pool room and a smaller downstairs room. It had a number of darts boards and a stage which hosted activities from bingo nights to poetry readings.

Interestingly, the Plymouth Social Club on the former site of Plymouth's first Woolworth's store! The pictures below show the social club before its demolition (Plymouth Herald) and the original building (with thanks to Steve Johnson).




Favourite drink on Greenbank: Vodka Diet Coke

I went to work at Plymouth Social Club back in 1994. I was once told that Plymouth Social Club was the oldest social club in Plymouth, mind you back then you could tell me anything. I have celebrated my 40th and 50th birthday there I have so many memories of the club, some good some bad. But mostly good. In the early days, Bank Holiday Mondays were my favourite, we would have BBQ and disco/bingo. As we are in May now, I remember when we had a May Queen of P.S.C. All the children dressed up and had to answer some questions and then they did fancy dress. I made Amy Jonas’ outfit, we put her in as ‘Miss A Tissue’ and she won. I have a lot more stories of Plymouth Social Club.