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The Clifton Inn is fairly large pub in the upper region of Greenbank. It has darts teams, a pool table and shows sports. It has sponsored the university's football team and has a regular crowd. It always has Jail Ale on draught. 



Steve Ricketts

The Fred Binney Triangle

Fred Binney is a Janner who played for Plymouth Argyle between 1977 and 1980. He retired in 1982 and became a football coach and eventually came back to Plymouth and coached the University of Plymouth's Men's Football team (UPFC). This led to the annual event on Greenbank when he would take the players on a tour of pubs. The original triangle was the Seymour, the Friendship and the Clifton. After the Friendship closed, the Providence became part of the triangle. The picture below shows Fred Binney leading the group in 2014 after leaving the Clifton Inn, where they had been watching the FA Cup Final (Arsenal vs Hull).


Pete heart

Favourite pint on Greenbank: Pint of Gin and Tonic... with J-bomb chaser

I have cracking memories of drinking around greenbank, I started drinking in the woodside pub when it was run by george and his wife gloria.A great pub and allways a craking pint of cider with a side order of porkie scratching. George and his wife left and took over the clifton we all followed them up, a brilliant landlord and lady, every fri after several pints of cider we would too nip up to the chinese takeaway 20 yards up from the clifton, where the best prawn spring rolls were made, plus the chips and curry sauce. Every sat i would wake up with blisters covering the roof of my mouth due to the prawn spring roll's being eaten straight from the fryer... more tales soon!!!!

Below is a picture of Pete serving his famous curry in the Fawn (with thanks to Montserrat Filella).