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Pubs of Greenbank

Pubs of Greenbank is collecting memories of closed and surviving pubs of the Greenbank area in Plymouth. Anyone who has drunk in a pub on Greenbank can submit their memory or story below. Every story is valuable, whether happy, sad, interesting, boring, old, new, long or short. Every story is part of Greenbank’s and Plymouth’s local history!

Pubs of Greenbank is having an impact in the local community during lockdown. Have a look at the Press section to see where we've appeared and read stories about pubs during lockdown.

Which pubs?

The pubs which are currently being considered as Greenbank pubs are listed below. Do get in touch if you know of any others!

Still trading: 1. Clifton Inn 2. Providence Inn 3. Fawn Social Club 4. Nowhere Inn 5. Seymour Arms

Closed down: 1. Hill Park Inn 2. Wellington Hotel 3. Friendship Inn 4. Sir Francis Drake 5. Prospect Inn 6. Radnor Inn 7. Grand Duchess, Clarence Arms 8. Plymouth Social Club

Who are the Friends of the old Hill Park?

 The Friends of the old Hill Park is a community imagined by Nuria Bonet to describe the drinkers, past and present, of Greenbank.

The Hill Park Inn has stood on the top of Greenbank since the mid-19th century, next to the fire station and the Lidl. It shut permanently in 2011 and was turned into flats in 2013. Ang and Mike took it over in 1994 and famously were the first pub to put on Sharp's new Doom Bar on permanently! In 2002, they left to take over the Fawn Social Club down the road. Many of the large crowd of regulars followed them to their new pub, while others turned to other venues on Greenbank and Mutley. Some moved further afar, from St Budeaux to Oreston, but still make trips back to Greenbank's pubs. This loose community of Greenbank punters are the Friends of the old Hill Park.

You can become a Friend of the old Hill Park by sending in a memory or story, drinking in a Greenbank pub (when safe to do so again), or attend a guided pub tour of Greenbank!

The Friends of the Hill Park community is run by Nuria Bonet who drinks in the Fawn Social Club since 2014.

Become part of the Friends of the old Hill Park!

Anyone with a memory or story to share about drinking on Greenbank is encouraged to submit it through the form below.The stories and memories collected will preserved and shared on this page to ensure that this slice of the city’s history is not forgotten. They will also be used to create a guided pub tour visiting some of the existing and closed pubs in the area.

The pub tour will begin at the top of Greenbank, where the Hill Park used to sit, and finish at the Fawn Social Club. Each pub visited will be illustrated through the testimonies relating to it. Tour participants will get a free pint and buffet at the Fawn Social Club; hopefully we will be able to put Summerskills’ Mayflower 400 Ale on! You will have the opportunity to be part of the Friends of the old Hill Park for an afternoon. (The date of the pub tour will be announced when it is possible to put it on).

The Pubs of Greenbank project is kindly supported by Mayflower 400 Community Sparks, in partnership with Mayflower 400, Plymouth Culture, Plymouth City Council, The Box and Vital Sparks.

Share your story!


Thanks to

 Ian (Dickie) Dickinson and Plymouth CAMRA for providing pictures of Greenbank pubs.

Ang and Mike at the Fawn Social Club for taking me in and always rolling with my ideas.